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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Pamela Khait and Issabella Vinokurov are first generation Americans whose parents immigrated from Ukraine to provide a better life for their families. They met in college and bonded over their mutual passion for volunteering and giving back. They often spent their free time gathering friends and acquaintances to participate in various volunteering opportunities. When one organizer couldn't run her toy drive anymore, Pamela and Issabella saw it as an opportunity to try their hand at it on operational level. It was a huge success and turned into a true purpose for the pair

In 2020 they officially founded The Archer’s Project - a non-profit organization focused on supplying children with resources and materials to promote an inclusive environment and help them reach their full potential. They hoped that by creating a 501(c)3 organization they could influence others to get involved on a larger scale. Currently there are two annual campaigns - Operation Backpack, a school supply collection, and Operation Little Dreamers holiday toy drive. However they're not stopping there. As they grow their network of do-gooders they are always looking for ways to fill the needs of their community and help those in less fortunate circumstances.

Our Founders


Pamela Khait

Pamela obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has worked with nonprofit organizations that focus on children with developmental disabilities. Her experiences and resources have inspired her to start her own nonprofit organization.

Issabella Vinokurov

Issabella holds a master’s degree in healthcare and has worked with numerous multispecialty clinics in NYC. Interacting with low income families has inspired her to give back to the community and help them obtain a better quality of life by starting her own nonprofit organization.